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Lassen Sie sich auf dieser Reise in den Bann der wundervollen Landschaften ziehen.

Rundreise im Überblick

  • Kruger and the DrakensbergEswatini (Swaziland) and LesothoCape Town and the Garden Route

  • Highlights: Bourkes Luck Potholes, Camps Bay & Zwölf Apostel, Chapman´s Peak Drive, Kleine Karoo, Cape Point Nature Reserve, Storms River

  • Orte: Freistaat, Südafrikas Nordprovinzen, Kapprovinzen, Kapstadt & Umgebung, George, Graaff-Reinet


This epic journey explores the different facets of four very diverse countries. In South Africa we go on game drives in the Kruger National Park, walk in the spectacular Drakensberg Mountains, travel along the Garden Route, enjoy wine tasting amid the country’s renowned vineyards and visit exciting Cape Town and journey through the...


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Mein Reiseverlauf

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    Arrive Cape Town

  • Tag 2

    Cape Peninsula visit

  • Tag 3

    Free day in Cape Town.

  • Tag 4

    Stellenbosch and Hermanus

  • Tag 5

    Garden Route

  • Tag 6

    Tsitsikamma National Park

  • Tag 7

    Graaff Reinet

  • Tag 8

    Long drive to Lesotho

  • Tag 9


  • Tag 10

    Drakensberg Mountains

  • Tag 11

    Drakensberg ‐ the Amphitheatre

  • Tag 12

    Rourke's Drift and Dundee

  • Tag 13

    To St. Lucia

  • Tag 14

    St. Lucia

  • Tag 15

    To Eswatini (Swaziland)

  • Tag 16 - 17

    Kruger National Park

  • Tag 18

    Letaba Ranch Reserve

  • Tag 19

    Bourke's Luck potholes, Blyde River Canyon and Graskop

  • Tag 20

    Drive to Johannesburg


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  • Varied itinerary, unusual overnights. Food quality very mixed.

  • This was a very memorable trip which took in so much of South Africa's wild life, past histories and south Africa as it is now. Our guides were excellent in their information about South Africa, the animals and the cultural and political shaping of South Africa. We traveled very long distances and experienced several game drives where we saw most of the larger animals including several close sightings of lions. Visits to Lesotho and Swaziland were a pleasant contrast to the seemingly more affluent and efficient South Africa. Rouke's Drift visit brought the film Zulu to life, The landscape changed from fertile farm estates to scrub land and desert, everywhere though needed rain, they hadn't had good rains for several years. We traveled by minibus and a larger more comfortable safari bus and the air-con didn't work, so it was hot & tiring , however all the accommodation was different but comfortable and adequately equipped. Food was mainly very good.

  • Accommodation was good. Scenery excellent. Wild life excellent.

  • A great 3 week trip for those who like a mixture of wildlife, history, African culture, Wine areas and views, with time to take in the sights and atmosphere. Some walking enhanced the scenery views which most managed.

  • It was a great trip with varying landscapes, climates and packed with new experiences. The route specially captures the wide landscapes and the wild life of South Africa. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone. However, Exodus should look into the cleanliness and the conveniences each accommodation provides as some did not meet even the basic standards.

  • A thoroughly enjoyable trip! This trip is pretty full on and many hours are spent on the bus, travelling from place to place. However, as the scenery is constantly changing this adds to the whole experience. Whilst not as wildlife rich as some other countries I've visited it still had it's wonderful moments. I didn't expect to see so many hyena's, an animal which I've never understood the reaction of many people; that being "they're so ugly". I've always found them to be beautiful! Lions eluded us but we did manage to see a leopard and African painted dogs, which felt very lucky indeed. Also spotted two young male giraffes squaring up to each other and practice fighting. That also felt like a rare privilege to see. If you want wide ranging experiences from a holiday this is definitely for you! I loved it!

  • I was so excited about this trip and was not disappointed as I thought it was outstanding. The pace was good, the scenery very varied, there were a lot of new experiences especially viewing the wildlife, and every day was different. The accommodation also varied but never disappointed. I loved the feeling that we were often away from the main tourist routes, even when we weren't, however there are a lot of long driving days with breaks to stretch our legs and take photos. The accommodation was very comfortable and every place we stayed was different, sometimes even with a fridge and kettle or occasionally a swimming pool. It was exciting arriving at each new place to explore what was special and different.

  • What an amazing experience! 3 weeks, a lot of time spent on the bus traveling, but never boring, always stunning landscapes, often wonderful wildlife, and with the help of our excellent guides, who spotted and identified animals and birds and pointed them out to us, followed up by showing us them in their wildlife books. The nights were spent in a large selection of hotels and cabins. Some were rustic, no electricity, but always comfy and clean. I was so impressed with the delicious food our guides cooked for us for dinners, accompodaring those who did not eat meat. With limited facilities they produced plentiful and tasty meals. I enjoyed the places we visited especially the organised hikes. The only slight glitch, the safari that is included was in the van which would have been unacceptable so we had to pay for an additional trip in an appropriate vehicle. I would have liked a few moe healthy options for lunch, but the r st of the trip was truly a great experience. I would recommend starting in Capetown and ending in JoBerg, otherwise you will have the best animal sightings in the first week, making the limited sightings in the end less dramatic. I would also suggest going to Capetown a few days before the tour, as there is so much to see and a limited time. I will have to return!!!!!

  • The game drives were fun as we never knew what we would come across, e.g. white rhinos crossing the road and elephants with calves... There were beautiful national parks but different highlight(s) every day with ever-changing scenery - amazing views e.g. at Cape of Good Hope and panorama from Table Mountain. Swaziland was charming.

  • Quite possibly the best holiday of my life (and I've had a few).

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